Personal exhibitions:
2008 Crimean House of Artists, Simferopol.
2002 Crimean House of Artists, Simferopol
Gallery «Triptych», Kiev.
2001 Cultural Centre GlavUpDK, Moscow.
2000 Gallery «Triptych», Kiev.
1999 Gallery «S'Art», Moscow.
1997 Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists.
1996 Simferopol Art Museum.
1991 Crimean House of Artists, Simferopol.
2011 «Art Today», Moscow.
2010 «Artesania - III», Moscow.
«Art Today», Moscow.
2009 «Art Today», Moscow.
2008 «Art & Deco», Moscow.
«Artesania - II», Moscow.
International. «Art Manege 2008», Moscow.
2007 International. «HCA - 2007», Moscow.
«Artesania», Moscow.
International. «Art Manege 2007», Moscow.
2006 «Nude», Moscow.
«The Best Art Galleries - 5», Moscow.
«Contemporary Russian Art», Moscow.
«The Best Art Galleries - 6», Moscow.
2005 «The Best Art Galleries - 3», Moscow.
«Moscow-2005», Moscow.
«The Best Art Galleries - 4», Moscow.
«International. «Art Manege 2005», Moscow.
2004 «LuxArtSalon», Moscow.
«Art Manege», Moscow.
«Moscow - 2004», St. Petersburg.
«The Best Art Galleries», Moscow.
«Flowers», Moscow.
«The Best Art Galleries - 2», Moscow.
International. «Art Manege 2004», Moscow.
«Contemporary Art of Russia», Moscow.
2003 «Manege Art Salon 2003», Moscow.
«Arts - 2003», Moscow.
«Time for a change», Moscow.
2002 «Time for a change», Moscow.
2001 «Manege Art Salon», Moscow.
2000 «Manege Art Salon», Moscow.
«Velvet Season», Kiev.
International. «Art Manege 2000», Moscow.
1999 «Peninsula treasure», Moscow.
Ukrainian Sculpture Triennale, Kiev.
1998 «Moscow Art - salon», Moscow.
International. «Art Manege '98», Moscow.
1997 «Moscow Art - salon», Moscow.
International. «Art Manege '97», Moscow.
1995 «From Simferopol.« Heidelberg, Germany.
1993 Ukrainian spring, Kiev.
1992 Ukrainian autumn, Kiev.
1990 The second national exhibition of sculpture, Kiev.
Republican. «Ecology», Kiev.
1989 Republican. «175 years of TG Shevchenko 'Kiev.
Republican. Dedicated. 72 anniversary of the Revolution, Kiev
Republican Exhibition of Young Artists, Kiev
1988 Republican. «50 years of education UA Ukraine», Kiev.
Republican. «70 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR», Kiev.
All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists, Moscow.
Ukrainian exhibition of young artists, Kiev.
1987 Republican. «The youth of the country», Kiev.
Republican. «Land of the Soviets», Kiev.